SAIP Webinar Invitation: The Art of Delegation

Title:  Perspectives on the Art of Delegation: “Strategic Technique for Breaking Monotony”

Speaker: Dr. R. S. Ledwaba - Materials Modelling Centre- University of Limpopo, 


SAIP Webinar Series: 09 October  2020 @13HRS SA TIME

Passcode: 215491
Webinar ID: 958 2364 7563
Passcode: 215491

An influx of productive operations within any organization is encompassed by a fully functional team. This comes with a collective responsibility as growth stems from continuous trust in team members with tasks and responsibilities. One crucial aspect is the ability to engrave adequate skills in a team and embrace the unique capabilities through supporting their individuality, strong and weak points, for the benefit of the organization. It can be tempting to remain in control of everything within the organization, to ensure that things get done the way one prefers them. However, authorizing team members to carry out those tasks and projects that are better suited to their talents and expertise will not only free a leader up to focus on other responsibilities, instead it will capacitate individuals to do what they do best and get even better results with a sense of individual accountability. The core of this discussion is ensuring that this is done right and highlighting the factors that are often ignored and contribute negatively to their overall performance. Capacitating team members to accumulate better knowledge and develop their skills promotes effective teamwork leading to better efficiency and productivity. This needs to take place in a healthy and neutral environment to provide space for one to think out of the box with utmost dedication. As such, the delegator and the delegate ought to equally accept their contributions to the betterment of the organization as the great opportunities are accompanied by even greater responsibility and accountability. Ultimately, growth requires breakage of monotony!!!.

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