Register as Professional Physicist (Pr.Phys) with SAIP


The SAIP is inviting its members to register as Professional Physicists (Pr.Phys) with SAIP. 

1.   The short abbreviation for the designation will be Pr.Phys

2.   A member registered with SAIP as a Professional Physicist can use the letters Pr.Phys after their name e.g.  George Brown  Pr.Phys

1         Who can apply?

Physics is a basic science that is a basis for all science and technology disciplines.  This results in its graduates working in every sector imaginable.  Therefore we must cater for a wide range of industries and economic sectors. Hence any physicists who graduated with at least Physics Honours Degree working in  either; industry, commerce, government, academia, research, theoretical physics, experimental physics, and uses physics skills and thought processes in their job/career.

A person first has to qualify to be an SAIP Ordinary member before they can be registred as a professional physicist. Check the SAIP constitution regarding the creteria here SAIP Constitution 

2         Justification and Benefits

This designation will represent the highest standard of professionalism, competence and commitment to keep pace with advancing knowledge in the field of physics.  It is hoped this designation will give a professional standing and recognition of physics by the South African society.

2.1      Justification

Academic qualifications are only the beginning of a career in physics and its applications. The need for continuing professional development is widely recognised to be the mechanism by which professionals maintain their knowledge after the formal education process has been completed. Pr.Phys demonstrates a commitment to maintaining competence, continuing your professional development and abiding by an acceptable code of conduct.

2.2        Benefits to physicist

·   The certification as a Professional Physicists will be an important addition to a physicist’s personal credentials.

·   When competing for a job the designation will distinguish one from other applicants with similar qualifications but no professional designation

2.3        Benefits for employers

·  Supports the recruitment process many recruiters these days want to know if one has a professional designation

·  Can be used as a criteria for promotion, skills and salary benchmarking

·  Demonstrates to someone who posses this designation believes in professionalism, continuous skills development,  belonging to a professional body and acceptable ethical standards

Applicable Fees

Note that with effect from 1 April 2015, only applications who have paid application fees will be processed. Pay your fees according to any of the applicable categories below

Not Registered  as a  SAIP Ordinary/Full Member



Ordinary Membership & Pr.Phys Application fee


Already SAIP Ordinary/Full Member



Pr.Phys Application fee

 R  590.00

All application fees are non-refundable.  

Email your application forms, supporting documents and proof of payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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