Silver Jubilee Winners

Past winners of the Silver Jubilee Medal

Year Name Field
1981 Dr. J.B. Clark For achievements in High Pressure Physics of Materials
1983 Dr. M.M. Thackeray For original work on Electrochemical Materials
1985 Dr. H. Booyens For Properties of and defects in semiconductor materials (Joint Award)
1985 Dr. J.H. Basson For Properties of and defects in semiconductor materials (Joint Award)
1987 Dr. H.B. Geyer For Theoretical Nuclear Physics - particularly Interacting Boson Model
1989 Dr. O.C. de Jager For cosmic ray astrophysics, especially for the use of advanced statistical methods
1991 Dr. D.M. Whittal For achievements in intermediate energy nuclear physics
1993 Dr. F.G. Scholtz For work on Nuclear Structure
1995 Dr. S.H. Connell For Nuclear Applications
1997 No award
1999 Mr. D.B. Fish For his achievements in education and the advancement of physics
2001 Dr. R. De Mello-Koch For his achievements in String Theory
2003 Dr. K.K. Mueller-Nedebock For his achievements in Theoretical Physics
2003 Dr. C.M. Cress For her achievements in Astrophysics
2005 No award
2007 Dr. K. Moodley For his achievements in Cosmology
2009 Dr. C.M. Steenkamp For her achievements in laser spectroscopy

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