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Incomplete Records

A handful of members don't have a Correspondence profile. If you are affected, please contact the SAIP Secretary to create one for you.

Editting your Profile

Please note that you can not edit most of the community profile fields (https://www.saip.org.za/index.php/profile) via the community login (https://www.saip.org.za/), you can only edit them via "View Details" (as decribed above) and "Edit Object".



Strategic Positioning of National Research Facilities

The SAIP Council would like to request comments from the physics community regarding the Strategic Positioning of National Research Facilities.

SAIP Council will be co-odinating a response from the SAIP.  Please email your comments to SAIP Office by 22 April 2011.


SAIP Annual Reports

SAIP Annual Report - 2009

SAIP Annual Report - 2008

SAIP Annual Report - 2007


Review of Mathematical Sciences Research at South African Higher Education Institutions - International Review Panel Report

Download Terms of Reference || Download Report.

Physics for Development - Commentary appearing in Nature Physics (Vol. 3, November 2007) by N. Chetty, S.H. Connell and A. Bawa

Download pdf file.

Postgraduate Research Indaba Report

Download pdf file.

Innovation Towards a Knowledge-Based Economy - A 10 Year Plan for SA

Download pdf file.

A National Plan for Olympiads

Download pdf file.

Report on a Ministerial Visit to Slovenia and Romania

Prof. N. Chetty recently accompanied deputy minister of Science and Technology, Mr Derek Hannekom, on a trip to Eastern Europe to sign bi-national agreements with Slovakia and Romania. I was specifically charged with investigating areas of mutual co-operation in the field of physics. The report to the minister may be downloaded here. You are welcome to direct any queries to him [chettyn{at}ukzn{dot}ac{dot}za].

Report from the SAIP Conference Committee

The SAIP Council appointed a Committee in October 2003 to investigate the problems associated with the SAIP Annual Conference. The Report from the SAIP Conference Committee is now available. We welcome comments from members on the content of this document. The recommendations will be implemented as far as possible from 2005. Send comments to Dr. P.A. Whitelock [paw{at}saao{dot}ac{dot}za].

Shaping the Future of Physics in South Africa

The report by the International Panel is now available for download below.

Download entire report as zipped PDF file (1.237MB)
Download the updated Executive Summary(259kB)
Download the detailed Recommendations (Chapter 5 of Report) as PDF file (56kB)

Natural Scientific Professions Bill

The Natural Scientific Professions Bill as signed by the State President on the 25th of November and will be enacted as from 15 January 2003 is now available in a PDF format.

Enrolment and Graduation Statistics

The enrolment and graduation statistics for physics in South Africa for 2000, 2001 and 2002 (courtesy of the Department of Education) is now available in a PDF format.


Transformation Committee

The report of the Transformation Committee is available in a PDF format. Please send comments on the report to the Secretary (secretary{at}saip{dot}org{dot}za).


Report on the State of Physics in South Africa

The Report on the State of Physics in South Africa is available for download as a .pdf document.

International Physics Olympiad

Please refer to this page.


Department of Science and Technology Related Minutes

Silver Jubilee Winners

Past winners of the Silver Jubilee Medal

Year Name Field
1981 Dr. J.B. Clark For achievements in High Pressure Physics of Materials
1983 Dr. M.M. Thackeray For original work on Electrochemical Materials
1985 Dr. H. Booyens For Properties of and defects in semiconductor materials (Joint Award)
1985 Dr. J.H. Basson For Properties of and defects in semiconductor materials (Joint Award)
1987 Dr. H.B. Geyer For Theoretical Nuclear Physics - particularly Interacting Boson Model
1989 Dr. O.C. de Jager For cosmic ray astrophysics, especially for the use of advanced statistical methods
1991 Dr. D.M. Whittal For achievements in intermediate energy nuclear physics
1993 Dr. F.G. Scholtz For work on Nuclear Structure
1995 Dr. S.H. Connell For Nuclear Applications
1997 No award
1999 Mr. D.B. Fish For his achievements in education and the advancement of physics
2001 Dr. R. De Mello-Koch For his achievements in String Theory
2003 Dr. K.K. Mueller-Nedebock For his achievements in Theoretical Physics
2003 Dr. C.M. Cress For her achievements in Astrophysics
2005 No award
2007 Dr. K. Moodley For his achievements in Cosmology
2009 Dr. C.M. Steenkamp For her achievements in laser spectroscopy

De Beers Medal Winners

Past winners of the De Beers Gold Medal






Dr. S. Meiring Naude

For contributions to Optical Spectroscopy


Prof. F.R.N. Nabarro

For contributions to Physics of Crystal Dislocations


Prof. W.E. Frahn

For contributions to Theory of Nuclear Reactions


Prof. J.H. van der Merwe

For contributions to Theory of Epitaxial Growth


Prof. R.H. Lemmer

For contributions to Theory of Nuclear Reactions


Dr. Johann Carl Vogel

For pioneering work on the natural abundance of isotopes and the application thereof to dating of groundwater supplies and archaeology


Prof. J.P.F. Sellschop

For contributions to ion beam physics, mineral physics and diamond physics


Prof. M.W. Feast

For contributions to Astronomy


Prof. P.H. Stoker

For contributions to Cosmic Research


Prof. F.J.W. Hahne

For contributions to Theoretical Nuclear Physics


No Award


Prof. A.D.M. Walker

For contributions to physics of the ionosphere


Prof. Paul de V. du Plessis


Prof. Walter Dieter Heiss

For contributions to Quantum Theory


Prof. Roger Eduoard Raab

For contributions to the theory of Electromagnetic and Optical properties of molecules and crystals


Prof. John Darrel Comins

For contributions to the study and understanding of the structure of materials, specifically the optical characterisation of structural, vibrational, electronic, and defect properties of solids


Prof. Krishanlal Bharuth-Ram

For contributions to experimental nuclear physics


Prof. George Ellis

For contributions to theoretical cosmology


Prof.  Harm Moraal

For his service, contributions and role as an academic, teacher, quality researcher and leader to the South African and International Physics communities


Prof. Manfred A Hellburg

For his  outstanding research career in plasma physics that has earned him international recognition in this field and for the numerous contributions he has made in his service to Physics in South Africa, and, with his significant experience, represented South African Physics internationally.

2018 Prof. Patricia Ann Whitelock

For her outstanding research career in astronomy and astrophysics, and for her distinguished and extensive contributions to leadership, education and human capacity development of the Physics and Astronomy community.

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