South African Institute of Physics



Welcome to the South African Institute of Physics!

Our Mission: To be the voice of Physics in South Africa


On these pages you will find information on what the institute does, how to become a member, jobs in physics in South Africa and career information for young scientists.


The following services are still in upgrade: OMS (partially functional)


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Some links of interest:

  1. Critical Skills VISA
  2. Professional Physicists Registration (Pr.Phys)
  3. African Physics Education Network (AfPEN)
  4. Physics 500 Project site
  5. SAIP Graduates Database site
  6. SAIP Divisions sites
  7. SAIP Shop
  8. Biophysics Project
  9. Support SAIP through Donations and Partnerships 
  10. International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP)